Urinetown Character Workshop and team building exercises 16/01/17

Point: Today’s lesson to get us to know the characters better and work together as a company was very helpful.

Evidence: Reason being that not only did we learn more facts about Urinetown, We learned more about Urinetown’s people but we also got to test acting them out and show how we feel we might portray them aswell as acting out a scene.

Explanation: Firstly we were put into groups of two and asked to recollect information about the musical. We did learn about the people by each getting a chance to not only do a freeze frame with different  solo movement but also did a societal status exercise to do with levels. We also sculped one another in an exercise were we were put into pairs and had to physicalise each other with various characters from the musical. On top of that we got  to pick a character we may go for by doing an exercise where we physicalised their manerisms, physicalised their movement and thought of a catchphrase or saying that that person might say. In regards to acting out a scene, we acted out scene 1 with scripts and then were split into two groups to act out scene 1 which we will be continuing tommorow.

Summary: Today’s lesson was very important as I feel it was important to get to know each character, and through this lesson I feel we now have more knowledge of how to act out these characters come the audition time.  To me, we will be able to give a better attempt at portraying these characters now.


Twin Cities Daily Planet. 2017. THEATER REVIEW | “Urinetown” at the Jungle Theater: An exuberant musical about micturition | Twin Cities Daily Planet . [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/theater-review-urinetown-jungle-theater-exuberant-musical-about-micturition/. [Accessed 16 January 2017].


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